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*** LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY *** Broadway Limited Imports, LLC warranties all products for up to 1 year from the date of purchase - provided that the product was purchased within 3 years of the date of manufacture (as indicated by the stamp or sticker inside the product packaging) - according to the pursuant terms. Products must have been purchased from an AUTHORIZED BLI Reseller (listed at http://www.broadway-limited.com/locatedealer.aspx). ALL warranty claims must have a valid Return Authorization#, provided by BLI either by e-mail or over the telephone. Any package received without an RA# will be returned to sender. For any manufacturer defect while under normal usage, not having been neglected or abused, BLI will cover the costs of parts and labor. Customer is responsible for cost of shipping an Return Authorized unit in to BLI. BLI covers return shipping cost for standard ground transport. Receipt / Proof of Purchase Required (eBay purchases also require receipt with matching name of authorized BLI reseller.) Repairs beyond the first year will be charged at BLI's standard repair rates. If you are a member of our Conductor's Club at the time of your purchase (see here for more information on that: https://broadway-limited.com/products/conductors-club-membership), then you will receive an additional year of warranty coverage. ***

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If you have an old QSI equipped loco that we produced from 2001~2007, please note that we no longer accept those for repair or provide support for them. However, Train Service Depot may be able to help if the problem is purely electrical. Also, if you would like to have the electronics in your model upgraded, TSD can help with that!
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