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Request A Part For Your Model

So we can best assist you, please submit the form below to request parts. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. Parts are sold only to service Broadway Limited products. We do not have adequate parts supplies to accommodate custom modeling (sometimes called kit-bashing). Also, due to limited quantities of parts in general, we also cannot assist or sell parts intended for the modification of ours or other manufacturers products for any reason.

ALL international parts orders will incur a $20 shipping/handling fee regardless of warranty status.

To find a part number:

Click here for steam engines: Steam Engine Exploded View Parts Diagrams

Click here for diesel & electric engines: Diesel & Electric Exploded View Parts Diagrams

Click here for rolling stock/passenger cars: Rolling Stock & Passenger Cars Exploded View Parts Diagrams

Please note that all fields are required.

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*** Note*** If you are an international customer outside of the US, you can type 9 zeroes here in place of your phone number.

Enter part # (refer to the exploded parts view diagram that came with the model. If there is no number on that diagram for the part you are requesting, enter "000" here and then give a written description of the part in your message)

If you have an old QSI equipped loco that we produced from 2001~2007, please note that we no longer accept those for repair or provide support for them. However, Train Service Depot may be able to help if the problem is purely electrical. Also, if you would like to have the electronics in your model upgraded, TSD can help with that!
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